Saturday, 26 March 2011

Marketing GHOTALA

The worldcup is in its exciting stage, I am sure everyone is watching. What I enjoy as much as the match, are the advertisement that are running during the worldcup.
Few advertisements seem to run far more than the others.

Just like the HBL ads; first it was the pathetic ad of “GHOTALA”... Don’t remember..?? I don’t blame you...

HBL credit card; A guy who is young, making his career struggles with money so he buys a credit card, which helps him fulfill his needs (no..No...  Wait... lets just agree with them for the moment) but my problem starts with the ad, when the word GHOTALA comes into action.

Ad starts off with “ANDA-GHOTALA” (which I am assuming means, scrambled egg) then moving on, the Word comes up again with a line
“Is say pehlay zindagi ka GHOTALA banta... mienay banwa lia HBL Credit Card...”

So I did my research (searching on Google) on this word... It’s a Hindi word

So using a Hindi word for a Pakistani ad, GOOD JOB my friends...
How many of 23-33 year old (the target audience for the ad) know the word GHOTALA... I asked couple of guys and the only person who knew this word was over 40.

So you thought when HBL can’t top their GHOTALA ad... ENTERS THE BEAN...
Mr. BEAN (local version)
I don’t need to say much about the ads featuring him, just one thing.
Does HBL sees their customer as stupid as Mr. Bean (local version)...
The guy himself is a disgrace for THE Mr. Bean.

Okay... Let’s not be so hard on HBL guys, at least they made a good ad on the Pakistani team...

Moving on... there is much more going on in the marketing world than just HBL. Some people are waaaaay to busy earning some hard cash, let’s take the example of Ali Zafar... I don’t have any problem with him earning cash, it’s his right but the companies should be more sensible who are they associating with.

Ali Zafar goes on to make a worldcup song for JAZZ (which seems reasonable, as JAZZ sponsored him to release his new album.

But then he goes onto make another Worldcup song for PEPSI.
So the next time you hear the voice of Ali Zafar singing; which brand will come to your mind..??
Chalo janay do... I am sure he wont be back....

BUT he pops back again in the LIPTON ad... which is a useless ad doesn't say much about anything.

Chalo yaar,, if you say so... janay daytay hain ousay, but as long as he stays on TV screens...

Uuuuuuughhhhh... He is back again... this time on huge billboards, wearing STONEAGE.
Surely he is pushing the boundaries…!!!
Anyone else thinking of making Ali Zafar a brand ambassador, please thinks twice...

HOW can we forget Telecoms when discussing the poor marketers..?
No ... we can’t...
So DJUICE are on a mission to teach the youngster some ethics... Let’s appreciate them and not look at their previous ads  and brand activation campaigns where they showed much respect for the women themselves :p    
Lets keep an eye on them.

JAZZ JAZBA has come up with new offer, gupshup offer.. The ad is logically incorrect, now you may say, ads dont need to be logically correct, I agree, but only if they are entertaining enough..
Offer: call free after 2 mins (mobilink to mobilink).. During the ad the friends call each other twice and on both 
occasion the call is 30 sec long..  Yes may be I am being too hard on these guys..

YOU: hero, wat abt warid and zong ads.. ounko discuss karo na..

Well I think, mobilink has build up some reputation in the market and when you see BAD ads from companies like these, one is disappointed..
But let’s just leave it..
I am sure there will be a lot to talk about ..when I write my next blog..

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Pepsi  song:             \
HBL Credit Card:    
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