Sunday, 15 May 2011


Every thing evolves over a period of time.. Same is the case with products.. But some products evolve prematurely.. And this is what happened in the case of SOAPS..
SAFEGUARD : continued with SAFEGUARD "COMPLETE 5" for a while but with LIFEBUOY breathing down their neck they came up with the new SOAP; "TOTAL 1O" to get some leverage over their competitor.

NOW I am confused... EITHER humans are becoming more vulnerable to germs.. OR the GERMS are becoming more capable due to the advancement in technology (or something like that).


I understand what they are trying to execute here, giving consumer a new reason to buy SAFEGUARD .. But then there is the problem of availability. The reason that arrow is going back to SAFEGUARD complete 5 is that even though TOTAL 10 is being advertised, it has not yet fully reached the market, old stock is yet piled up.

So WHY would YOU buy an outdated product,which cannot protect you from 10 diseases..
 let me explain it to you VIA illustration


=  TOTAL 10

One thing about SAFEGUARD is that they put in SOME effort into thier marketing campaign.. But same could not be said of LIFEBUOY.. if SAFEGUARD  is giving 10%..LIFEBUOY  is giving 1%
As I dont feel like writing.. I will try to potray the picture of LIFEBUOY..



LIFEBUOY   seems to be travelling on the fast lane and is evolving too much.. making the consumer look DUMB.. they felt that they had to counter SAFEGUARD and came up with a new campaign..

JUDGING by the speed at which these anti bacterial soaps are evolving.. SOON there will 100 diseases that could be prevented by a simple handwash..

And as GERMS are getting Dangerous day by day.. we shall need "SAFEGUARD..TOTALLY COMPLETE 100" and "LIFEBUOY..ADVANCE and ACTIVE 1000" to protect us from them..
Or may be not.. Some day consumers will understand these tricks..
So the question is.. have Anti bacterial soaps missed their mark or are they SPOT on...??

If YOU  feel like watching the ads.. here are the links..

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